Acolyte (Alchemists' Guild)

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Acolyte is a second tier rank of a member of the Alchemists' Guild.


Trained acolytes prepare "the substance" in a series of bare stone cells within the Guildhall of the Alchemists. Above each work cell is a room filled entirely with sand, with the floor rigged with an alleged spell to fall away and smother the blaze -and the acolyte - if the acolyte is careless and allows the wildfire to ignite.[1]


During Robert's Rebellion, the acolytes of the Alchemists' Guild were unaware of the wildfire plot. Hallyne was an acolyte in those days.[1]

Recent events

After a cache of wildfire from King Aerys' days is discovered in a storeroom beneath the Great Sept of Baelor, Wisdom Hallyne dispatches the most able acolytes with a cart filled with sand to transport the jars of wildfire to the Guildhall.[1]