Alyn Cockshaw

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Alyn Cockshaw
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Culture Reach
Born In before 196 AC[1]
Died In 212 AC[1]Whitewalls[1]

Alyn Cockshaw was the Lord and head of House Cockshaw during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Alyn had a pudgy face with dark blond hair.[1]

Alyn had a close relationship with Daemon II Blackfyre,[2] and he was jealous when Daemon paid attention to other men.[1] According to Daemon, Alyn "grows tiresome when he drinks".[1]


Alyn was a childhood friend of Daemon II Blackfyre. He and Daemon were bullied by Daemon's older twin brothers, Aegon and Aemon. He wept when Daemon went into exile after the First Blackfyre Rebellion.[1]

Alyn was ecstatic at Daemon's return to Westeros. He was part of the conspiracy to start the Second Blackfyre Rebellion at the wedding tourney at Whitewalls in 212 AC. Alyn hoped to become the Lord Commander of Daemon's Kingsguard.[1]

On the way to Whitewalls, while part of Lord Gormon Peake's entourage accompanying Ser John the Fiddler (Daemon in disguise), Alyn first encountered Ser Duncan the Tall. He did not care for Dunk and was jealous every time "John" approached him. During the tourney, Alyn was unhorsed by Ser Glendon Flowers, and his mood towards hedge knights took an even darker turn.[1]

Alyn deeply resented Dunk for the loss of Daemon's attention and became his secret enemy. He arranged for Ser Uthor Underleaf to kill Dunk "accidentally" in the tourney joust. However, Dunk survived the blow to his head, much to Alyn's dismay.[1]

After Egg went missing at the tourney, Alyn convinced Dunk to follow him if he wanted to find his squire. Alyn lured Dunk to a well, where he intended to kill him. Duncan foiled his plan, and instead it was Alyn who fell into the well, though not before badly injuring Dunk's arm with his dagger. Alyn was left to drown in the well by Dunk and Ser Maynard Plumm, who had seen the entire episode.[1]


—Alyn, to Duncan the Tall

I wept when Bittersteel carried him off to exile, and again when Lord Peake told me he was coming home. But then he saw you upon the road, and forgot that I existed.[1]

—Alyn, to Duncan the Tall