Armen Peake

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House Peake.svg Lord
Armen Peake
House Peake.svg
Allegiance House Peake[1]
Culture Reach[1]
Died In 2 BC, the Field of Fire[1]
Issue Sons[1]
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Armen Peake was the Lord of Starpike, Dunstonbury, and Whitegrove, and the head of House Peake during Aegon's Conquest.[1]


During Aegon's Conquest, Lord Armen joined his strength to King Mern IX Gardener's host against Aegon the Conqueror. However, Armen and his sons perished in the resulting Field of Fire, along with King Mern IX and the male line of House Gardener.[1]

With Armen's death, the slow decline of House Peake began, as the Peakes were no longer favored by their new liege lords, House Tyrell.[1] House Peake protested against the rise of the Tyrells on account of their own distinguished lineage. However, they found no success, perhaps because Lord Armen had taken up arms against House Targaryen on the Field of Fire.[2]


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