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The Bank of Oldtown is a bank run by House Hightower of Oldtown.


After the Rogare Bank collapsed in 136 AC, Lotho Rogare was taken up by Lady Samantha Tarly, paramour and step-mother of Lord Lyonel Hightower. House Hightower had not entrusted its gold to the bank, and remained one of the wealthiest Houses of Westeros. Lady Samantha wished to learn how to invest better, and founded the Bank of Oldtown, which made House Hightower even richer.[1]

It is unknown if the bank has persisted to this day or not.[N 1]


  1. In A Feast for Crows, Queen Regent Cersei Lannister thinks the Iron Throne needs a Westerosi bank to thwart the influence of the Iron Bank of Braavos over the crown's treasury and imagines the creation of the "Golden Bank of Lannisport", not mentioning the Bank of Oldtown (AFFC, Cersei VIII). However, it is possible that the Bank of Oldtown is still active but Cersei deliberately does not mention it, not trusting House Hightower and preferring to found a new bank to be controlled by House Lannister. That being said, it is likely George R. R. Martin had not came up with the idea of the Bank of Oldtown yet (introduced in Fire & Blood published in 2018) when he wrote A Feast for Crows (published in 2005).


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