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Volantis.svg High Priest
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Mustamirri Benerro.jpg
Benerro by mustamirri

Allegiance R'hllor
Culture Volantis
Book A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Benerro is the high priest of R'hllor at the Red Temple in the free city of Volantis.


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Benerro is tall and thin, he has a shaven head, a drawn face and skin as white as milk. Slave tattoos of flames cover his cheeks, chin and shaven head to make a bright red mask that crackles about his eyes and coils down and around his lipless mouth. His voice carries high and well.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The ruling triarchs of Volantis live in great fear of Benerro. He preaches that Daenerys Targaryen is Azor Ahai reborn, an ancient hero of the R'hllor faith, and he encourages many to support her. This unnerves the triarchs as four out of every five inhabitants of Volantis are slaves and they fear an uprising. Thousands come to see him preach every night, but the triarchs are powerless to stop him, as too many of the tiger cloaks worship the Lord of Light so the triarchs dare not order them to attack.

The triarch Malaquo attempts to hire the Golden Company to kill Benerro and purge the temple of his followers but the company refuses the offer.

Not long after their arrival in Volantis, Tyrion Lannister and Ser Jorah Mormont make their way to the Long Bridge and they pass the red temple as Benerro is preaching. When Benerro's voice rises to a crescendo flames leap from his fingers with a sudden whoosh and make the crowd gasp. Tyrion sees that the priest can trace fiery letters in the air as well. Tyrion recognises perhaps two Valyrian glyphs in ten; one is Doom, the other Darkness.[1]

Benerro secretly sends one of his priests, Moqorro, to Daenerys aboard the ship Selaesori Qhoran as an emissary from the R'hllor faith. Even though the ship's destination is Qarth, Benerro sees in the flames that the ship will never reach Qarth.[1]


Haldon Halfmaester has spoken of using the red priest to Young Griff's advantage, Tyrion recalled. Now that he had seen and heard the man himself, that struck him as a very bad idea. He hoped Griff had better sense. Some allies are more dangerous than enemies.[1]

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