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The Blue Graces are healers that dwell in the Temple of the Graces.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

After the murder of Stalwart Shield, Queen Daenerys Targaryen gives an order to send men to the Temple of the Graces to ask if any man has come to the Blue Graces with a sword wound.[1]

When Galazza Galare returns to Daenerys she is accompanied by three Blue Graces from the temple. They bring news of a sick and wounded rider who arrived on a pale horse. Grey Worm adds that he gave orders for the rider to be brought to the Blue Graces. One of the Blue Graces takes up the tale and tells Daenerys that the Unsullied brought the man to the temple, where they attended to him, though he died within the hour.[2]

A Blue Grace named Ezzara informs Daenerys that the man's fever was not brought on by the arrow in his thigh and that it may be that Meereen has more to fear than the arrows of the Yunkai'i.[2]

As the flux called the pale mare spreads, Daenerys sends healers, including Blue Graces, outside the walls of Meereen to aid the sick, but some of the healers sicken as well.[3]

When Strong Belwas is poisoned by the honeyed locusts he lingers near death in the Temple of the Graces, under the care of the Blue Graces … though Ser Barristan Selmy half suspects that they are trying to finish the job those honeyed locusts had begun.[4] After Prince Quentyn Martell is fatally wounded by Rhaegal's dragonflame, Barristan summons the Blue Graces four times to attend to Quentyn, but they never come. He wonders if the last of them have been carried off by the pale mare by now.[5]

Known Blue Graces