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Daemon Velaryon
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Title Lord of the Tides[1]
Master of Driftmark[1]
Lord admiral[2]
Master of ships[2]
Hand of the King[3]
Allegiance House Velaryon[1]
Race Valyrian[1]
Culture crownlands[1]
Born In or between 11 BC and 2 AC[4]
Died In or between 77 AC and 90 AC[4]
Issue Corwyn Velaryon[3]
Jorgen Velaryon[3]
Victor Velaryon[3]
At least four daughters
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)
The Sons of the Dragon (mentioned)

Daemon Velaryon was the Lord of the Tides, Master of Driftmark, and the head of House Velaryon during the reign of the kings Maegor I Targaryen and Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[1] Daemon was the son of Lord Aethan Velaryon and brother to the Dowager Queen Alyssa Velaryon, wife of King Aenys I Targaryen. He had several sons and daughters.[3][5]


Daemon Velaryon was a prideful man who enjoyed his family's position as the "second house" of the realm, on account of the Velaryons' close ties to House Targaryen.[2]

Daemon served ably during his long tenure as master of ships and Hand of the King.[5]


Early life

Daemon Velaryon was the eldest son and heir of Lord Aethan Velaryon and his wife Lady Alarra of House Massey.[2] His father served Aegon I Targaryen as his master of ships and lord admiral, as Daemon's own grandfather and namesake had.[2]. He had several brothers and a sister, Alyssa, who wed her cousin Prince Aenys Targaryen in 22 AC.[6]

After Aenys' death, his brother Maegor I Targaryen usurped the throne from Alyssa's eldest son Aegon. Fleeing to Driftmark, Alyssa named her son the rightful king, but a visit from Dowager Queen Visenya Targaryen and her dragon Vhagar convinced Daemon's family to return to court. In 42 AC, Daemon, Alyssa, and their brothers and cousins did homage to Maegor as the true king.[6]

Master of ships

Daemon served on Maegor's small council as the lord admiral of the royal fleet. Still without an heir, Maegor sought to find a new wife so Daemon advised the king to wed Princess Rhaena. Daemon suggested that such a union would unite Targaryen claims, prevent any fresh rebellions from forming around her, and acquire a hostage against Queen Alyssa, his sister. Maegor found wisdom in Daemon's counsel and took Rhaena as one of his brides.[6] When his nephew Prince Jaehaerys began gathering forces at Storm's End, Daemon was one of the first great lords to turn against Maegor the Cruel in 48 AC, and many of the great houses followed his example. As the Velaryons were the realm's traditional admirals, Maegor woke to find that he had lost the entire royal fleet.[1][6] After Maegor's mysterious death, Daemon and Lord Rogar Baratheon quickly gave Jaehaerys their support, and the rest of the realm soon followed.[7] When Jaehaerys ascended to the Iron Throne, Daemon was confirmed as lord admiral and master of ships once again.[2]

When considering a queen for the king, Daemon suggested that Jaehaerys wed the widowed Queen Elinor Costayne. He argued that such a union would demonstrate that Maegor's supporters had been forgiven, and Elinor's proven fertility was another point in her favor. Daemon even suggested for the king to adopt her sons by Ser Theo Bolling. The small council ultimately settled on wedding Alysanne Targaryen to Ser Orryn Baratheon, Lord Rogar's youngest brother. However, the princess discovered the plot and fled with Jaehaerys to Dragonstone, where the two wed.[2]

Lord Rogar suspected that it was Daemon who alerted his niece about the plot, who may have believed the Baratheons were overreaching themselves and attempting to replace the Velaryons as the second house of the realm.[2] While on Dragonstone, Jaehaerys and Alysanne found themselves visited by local nobles, much to Rogar's fury. Though Daemon served with the regents, the king and queen still flew their dragons to Driftmark to tour his shipyards, accompanied by Daemon's sons. Roger requested for Daemon to use the Velaryon fleet to prevent lords from visiting Dragonstone to curry the king's favor, but Daemon responded with a blunt "no", which Baratheon took as a slight. The standoff between the king and his regents escalated to Rogar yelling at Alyssa before Daemon and the council, when the Dowager Queen urged him to accept the marriage. Daemon and the councilors objected to Rogar's actions and his plot to crown Princess Aerea in place of Jaehaerys, and Alyssa ordered his resignation as Hand of the King.[3]

Hand of the King

With Rogar Baratheon dismissed as Hand of the King, Daemon was raised to the office by his sister, the Queen Regent. While Alyssa retired to her chambers away from public life, for the remainder of the regency, rule of the realm was left to Daemon. As the regency grew to an end, Daemon and the council ruled the realm as best they could, "saying little and doing less" according to Grand Maester Benifer.[3] In 50 AC, with Jaehaerys having reached the age of majority, Daemon was confirmed in his office, while Manfryd Redwyne, Lord of the Arbor, was summoned to fill the post of master of ships. This marked the first time that the office of master of ships had not gone to a man of the House Velaryon.[8]

Daemon served ably as Hand of the King. After the death of the High Lickspittle in 54 AC, Daemon advocated for a show of force, suggesting to use the royal fleet to prevent the elevation of Septon Mattheus to the office of High Septon, for Mattheus was a great opponent of the Targaryens. Jaehaerys and Alysanne instead flew on their dragons to Oldtown, and Alfyn was eventually chosen. When companions of Rhaena on Dragonstone began dying from a mysterious ailment, Jaehaerys ordered Daemon to send forth his galleys to ensure no one spread the disease beyond the island. Daemon did as commanded, but not without grief for his own young niece Lianna was amongst Rhaena's companions. As her uncle's galleys pushed off Driftmark, Lianna passed away. The culprit was soon found to be Rhaena's husband Androw Farman, who had poisoned his wife's companions.[5]

In 54 AC, Daemon resigned from the office of Hand of the King following the death of Alyssa at Storm's End and the murder of his niece Lianna. Some say Daemon had a rivalry with Lord Redwyne and wished to relinquish his post as a result of a bitter feud. Most maesters and historians, however, discount this tale and take Daemon at his word, that he wished to spend his remaining time with his family because of his advanced age. Daemon was succeeded as Hand by Lord Myles Smallwood.[5]

Later life

In late 58 AC, Lord Daemon attended the tourney at King's Landing commemorating the tenth anniversary of the king's coronation.[9] During the winter of 59 AC. when the Shivers spread to the crownlands, Daemon sickened on Driftmark, but recovered after being at the point of death. However, Daemon's second son and three of his daughters perished.[5] In 73 AC, Ser Lucamore Strong of the Kingsguard was disgraced for having broken his vows by fathering children and having families. The knight's second wife and her children were sent to Driftmark to be fostered with Daemon.[10]

When Daemon eventually passed away at the age of eighty-eight,[11] as he had outlived his eldest son, he was succeeded as Lord of the Tides by his famed grandson, Ser Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake.[12][11]


Aenys I
[Note 1]
Son of Lord
  1. Daemon had at least four daughters.


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