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Davos Dayne
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Davos Dayne as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Culture Dornishman
Spouse Princess Nymeria of Ny Sar[1]
Issue A son[1]
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Ser Davos Dayne was a knight from House Dayne and the Sword of the Morning.[1]


Ser Davos is described as "dashing" by Maester Yandel. As the Sword of the Morning, Ser Davos was deemed worthy of wielding House Dayne's ancestral greatsword Dawn.[1]


During Nymeria's War, Vorian Dayne, the last King of the Torrentine, was defeated by Princess Nymeria and Lord Mors Martell.[2] Afterwards, the Daynes became vassals of House Martell, and supported Nymeria and her husband against King Yorick V Yronwood.[1]

After the death of her second husband, the aged Lord Uller, Ser Davos married Princess Nymeria and became the Prince Consort of Dorne, and the couple had one son together. Nymeria remained the unquestioned ruler of Dorne, with Davos serving only as a counselor and consort. After Nymeria's death, she was succeeded by her eldest daughter by Lord Martell rather than by her son with Ser Davos, for the Dornish had come to adopt the Rhoynish custom of equal primogeniture.[1]


Ser Davos Dayne's relation to Vorian Dayne, King of the Torrentine, is unknown. With his marriage to Princess Nymeria, Ser Davos had a single son.[1]

Lord Uller
Mors I
of Ny Sar
3 Daughters
Mors II
Red Princes


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