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House Farman.svg Lord
Franklyn Farman
House Farman.svg
Allegiance House Farman
Culture Westermen
Born In 1631 AC[2]
Died In 5588 AC[2]
Father Lord Marq Farman

Franklyn Farman was the first-born son and heir of Lord Marq Farman of Fair Isle. He became the head of House Farman and Lord of Fair Isle during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[1]


According to Maester Smike of Fair Isle, Franklyn never lacked for courage, but he did lack in common sense.[3]


Franklyn fought with his grandfather and uncle in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye on the side of Prince Aegon Targaryen in 43 AC. He had been wounded during the battle, while his grandfather and uncle died, leaving Franklyn's father Marq to inherit Faircastle. Franklyn returned the bodies of his grandfather and uncle to Fair Isle after the battle.[1]

Franklyn grew to dislike Queen Rhaena Targaryen, the widow of Prince Aegon and the new wife to Franklyn's younger brother, Androw. He believed Rhaena had not shown enough gratitude for all he had suffered whilst fighting for her first husband, nor enough remorse for the pain she had caused House Farman. Additionally, he resented the fact that Rhaena would not encourage his sister Elissa to take a husband and have children, as well as the fact that the Queen and her companions had become the center of attention at Fair Isle, whilst he and Lord Marq were increasingly disregarded. In 50 AC, when Franklyn inherited Faircastle after his father choked on a fish bone, he summoned Rhaena and informed her that she was no longer welcome on the island. He stated that she was allowed to take her husband and her household with her, but decreed that Elissa was to remain as Fair Isle. Rhaena defied him, however, and Franklyn awaited them at the docks with a dozen of his men to stop them. There, he argued with his sister as the smallfolk of the island looked on. When he attempted to seize his sister, the smallfolk rushed at him and threw him in the hold of a ship's hold full of freshly caught cod.[1]

Franklyn continued to deny his sister any part of the income of Fair Isle, and eventually disowned her.[4]

In 55 AC Queen Rhaena returned to Fair Isle on her dragon Dreamfyre in search of her missing daughter Aerea. Franklyn received her coldly, and insisted that Aerea was well rid of Rhaena, promising to "see off" the girl if she ever showed up, just as he had seen off Rhaena. To that, Rhaena replied that Balerion, the dragon Aerea had claimed, had once enjoyed eating Franklyn's brother Androw, and suggested that the dragon might "desire another course".[5]


Franklyn: I had hoped my lady sister might come home to do her duty once she fled from you, but we have had no word of her, nor of your daughter. I cannot claim to know the princess, but I would say she is well rid of you, as was Fair Isle. If she turns up here we shall see her off, just as we did her mother.
Rhaena: You do not know Aerea, that much is true, if she does indeed find her way to these shores, my lord, you may find she is not as forbearing as her mother. Oh, and I wish you luck if you should try to ‘see off’ the Black Dread. Balerion quite enjoyed your brother, by now he may desire another course.[5]

—Franklyn and Rhaena Targaryen

By 88 AC, Lord Franklyn had passed.[6]


Franklyn was the eldest child of Lord Marq Farman, himself of second son. Franklyn had one younger sister, Elissa, and one younger brother, Androw.

Lord Farman


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Preceded by Lord of Fair Isle
50 AC–?
Next known title holder:
Lord Farman