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Ghiscar is located in Slaver's Bay
Slaver's Bay and the location of Ghiscar

Ghiscar is a region of southern Essos located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Grief. Old Ghis is found within this region.[1] Astapor and the Worm River are north of the Ghiscari hills. South of Ghiscar are the Ghiscari Strait and some islands, including the large island Ghaen and a small island with the city of New Ghis.[2]


Ghiscar was the foundation of the Old Empire of Ghis. The lockstep legions of Old Ghis allowed the Ghiscari to conquer and enslave nearby nations and colonize their surroundings.[3]

Ghiscar was conquered by the Valyrian Freehold during five Ghiscari wars, however. The Ghiscari were reduced to High Valyrian-speaking slaves of the Freehold. The Ghiscari regained control of the slave trade after the Doom of Valyria.[3]


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