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The goddess of the wind is the legendary wife of the sea god and the mother of Elenei, the mythic wife of Durran Godsgrief.[1]


The goddess of the wind and the sea god forbade their daughter Elenei's love with Durran. Regardless, Elenei gave her maidenhead to Durran, thus yielding to a mortal's death. For this, the gods hated Durran and, in their wroth, sent howling winds and lashing rains on Durran's keep on his wedding night, destroying his keep and killing all his family and guests. Enraged, Duran declared war on the gods, who replied by hammering his kingdom with massive storms. Thus, each new keep Durran built was destroyed by the gods, despite being larger and more heavily fortified.[1][2]

Durran's seventh keep, however, resisted the wrath of the gods—thus earning the name of Storm's End. According to some tales it was built with the advice of a boy who would grow up to become Bran the Builder, though others believe the children of the forest took a hand in the construction.[1][2]


Sea god
of the wind
Durran II

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