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The Happy Port is a brothel in Braavos, near Ragman's Harbor. It sits across an alley from the Mummer's Ship, and abuts a canal.[1] It is run by Meralyn.[2] The brothel is decorated with a mural of a purple galleas, crewed by women wearing nothing but thigh-high boots.[1]



Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

In Braavos, Samwell Tarly learns that Dareon had wasted his money on the Sailor's Wife, a prostitute who works at the Happy Port, and plans to marry her. Samwell attacks Dareon after he refuses to come with him, and is thrown out of the establishment into a canal.[1]

Arya Stark, disguised as the Braavos street urchin and fish peddler Cat of the Canals, becomes friends with the women of the Happy Port, and often sells her wares there. She also frequently recommends the whores to newly-arrived sailors. One of the patrons, Roggo, while waiting to see Lanna, teaches Cat how to use a finger knife.[2]

Dareon, after deserting the Night's Watch, stays by the Happy Port and often plays songs to the whores there. One night after Dareon leaves the establishment, Arya follows him and slits his throat to execute him for desertion.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

After becoming the blind beggar Beth, Arya avoids the Happy Port and other places where Cat had been well-known.[3]


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