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Following is a list of commonly used templates on A Wiki of Ice and Fire; these are only a subset, representing some of the most important and commonly used ones. Follow the specific template links for usage information on each of the templates. If you feel that a template belongs on this page, do not hesitate to add it.



Template:Date Adds link to "Years after Aegon's Conquest" chronology.
Template:Main Adds link to the main page on that article.
Template:See homonyms to add disambiguations


These templates add sources to an article that support the information in it.

Template:References add References at the bottom of the page.
Template:Citation needed add a small Citation needed text.
Template:Ref add reference to book/chapter of SOIAF
Template:cite web Wikipidea format for citing online Web sources.
Category:Cross-reference_templates Full list of the References related templates on the wiki.

Repeatedly used

Category:Infobox templates Info boxes for characters, houses, etc.
Category:Navigational templates list of all the Navigational templates
Category:Family_trees list of all the Family trees templates

More technical

|__TOC__ / __NOTOC__ / {{TOC right}} Table of contents: Force it to show / never show / float it to the right.
Template:Nowrap Prevents line wraps in text and links
Template:Columns breaks your text automatically into a number of columns

Maintenance templates

These templates inform other editors about the article's state, marking articles that need editor attention. We encourage any contributor to make use of these maintenance templates, as it makes collaborative editing much easier to coordinate.

Template:Notice Place notice into an article or a page.
Template:Warning Place a warning into an article or a page.
Template:Outdated Mark the page as outdated.
Template:Stub Mark that the page needs to be expanded.
Template:Cleanup For articles that have major problems or multiple issues and require "cleaning up".
Template:Delete Request page to be deleted (and create some work for the admins ;) )
Template:Incomplete Mark the article which is still a work in progress.
Template:Merge Suggest articles/section that are redundant and should be merged merged with another article/section.


Template:Copyright tags for stating copyright status for uploaded images and other files.
Category:Templates Listing of all templates in the wiki, categorized into the various subcategories.