House Xho

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House Xho
Head Jalabhar Xho (exiled)
Title Prince of the Red Flower Vale

House Xho is a noble house from Red Flower Vale on Jhala, the largest island of the Summer Isles.


Jalabhar Xho is the exiled Prince of the Red Flower Vale,[1] likely exiled for losing a highly ritualized war as per the tradition of the Summer Isles.[2] Following his exile, Jalabhar came to King's Landing in the Seven Kingdoms to request gold and swords from King Robert I Baratheon to help him regain the Red Flower Vale. Robert always entertained the notion of conquering the Summer Isles, but continuously told Jalabhar and put it off until the next year. Although Robert always put off Jalabhar's request for help, he never firmly declined him, telling him "Next year" instead of "No".[3]

While Jalabhar continues to occasionally petition the Iron Throne to win back his seat,[3] he has become a noted courtier at King's Landing. Having no other place to seek refuge,[4] the exiled Prince of the Red Flower Vale is one of the most colorful figures at court alongside Thoros of Myr.[5]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Jalabhar Xho is held with the rest of Margaery's falsely accused lovers in a dungeon under the charge of Qyburn.[6][7]

House Xho at the end of the third century