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Khalakka is a Dothraki title held by the heir to a khalasar.[1]


The sentence "Khalakka dothrae" in the Dothraki language can be translated in the Common Tongue as "The prince is riding".[2]

Unlike in the feudal Westeros, when a khal dies his heir does not automatically succeed him. He has to prove his strength to the khalasar in order to be accepted by them as their new leader.[3]

According to David J. Peterson, the female child of a khal would be called a khalakki.[4]

Known Khalakkas


Khalakka dothrae![2]

Princess, hear me. The Dothraki will not follow a suckling babe. Drogo's strength was what they bowed to, and only that. When he is gone, Jhaqo and Pono and the other kos will fight for his place, and this khalasar will devour itself. The winner will want no more rivals. The boy will be taken from your breast the moment he is born. They will give him to the dogs …[3]