King Cutthroat

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King Cutthroat
Title King of Astapor
Predecessor Cleon the Second
Culture Astapori
Died In 300 ACAstapor[1]
Book A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

King Cutthroat is a barber who became King of Astapor after killing Cleon the Second by slitting his throat.[2][3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

King Cutthroat is killed, along with most of the population of Astapor, when the city is besieged by the Yunkai. He surrendered to their forces but was later thrown in to a pit to be killed by a pack of dogs.[1] During the Windblown's march to Meereen, Quentyn Martell, one of the besiegers, recalls "the last free king of Astapor (King Cutthroat), screaming naked in the pit as he was set on by a score of starving dogs."[3]