Lady Bulwer's brother

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House Bulwer.svgBulwerHouse Bulwer.svg
Allegiance House Bulwer
Culture Reach
Father Jon Bulwer (supposed)
Mother Victaria Tyrell (supposed)
Book A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Lady Bulwer's brother is a member of House Bulwer.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Lady Taena Merryweather reports to Queen Cersei Lannister the rumor of Megga Tyrell, Queen Margaery's cousin and lady-in-waiting, marrying Lady Bulwer's brother.[1]



This character is only mentioned in passing once in the series, it is unclear who he really is. Several possibilities have been brought up:

  1. Lady Alysanne Bulwer's brother:
    Alysanne is the current head of House Bulwer, and has been ever since her father, Lord Jon Bulwer, died of a summer fever.[2] If Alysanne had a brother, even a younger one, he should normally have inherited before her. It is therefore possible that this brother is a bastard, who has no inheritance rights unless he is legitimized. It is however surprising that a cousin of the Queen Consort of Westeros has no better suitor than a bastard. The other possibility is that Lady Alysanne's mother, Victaria Tyrell, has remarried after Jon's death and given a son to her new husband. However, if that were the case, this new marriage should appear in the appendices, but it is not.
  2. Lady Victaria Tyrell's brother:
    With her marriage to Lord Jon Bulwer, Victaria became "Lady Bulwer". Taena might refer to her brother, and not her daughter's brother. Lady Victaria does indeed have a brother, Ser Leo Tyrell, but he is still married to Alys Beesbury who is still alive.[3] No other brother is known to Victaria Tyrell. Therefore this possibility seems unlikely.
  3. Taena's invention:
    The rumor could be false or misunderstood by Taena. This possibility would be consistent with the total absence of this character in the appendices.
  4. A mistake:
    George R. R. Martin made a little mistake that should be fixed in future editions of A Feast for Crows.