Lo Bu

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Lo Bu
Full name Lo Bu, forty-third scarlet emperor
Title God-Emperor
Predecessor Lo Han
Successor None, dynasty ended
Personal Information
Alias The Boy Too Bold By Half
Culture Yi Ti
Father Lo Han
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Lo Bu, known as the Boy Too Bold By Half, was a God-Emperor of the Golden Empire of Yi Ti and the forty third and final ruler of his dynasty.[1]


When he ascended to the throne, the nomadic Jogos Nhai had become bolder and more rapacious, causing the young emperor to seek to exterminate them. He assembled a host said to be three hundred thousand strong and swept the plains with it, leaving a burning wasteland behind, unswayed by tributes, hostages, oaths of fealty or offerings of peace.[1]

When the Jogos Nhai resorted to their traditional tactic of melting away before an army, Lo Bu divided his host into thirteen smaller and sent them to hunt down the nomads. History tells that one million of the Jogos Nhai perished at their hands. Thus, the rival clans of zorse-riders united and raised up a jhattar, Zhea. Though Lo Bu was courageous and skilled at arms like no other, he was not as cunning as Zhea, who in two years isolated and destroyed each of Lo Bu's armies one by one, slaying scouts and foragers, starving them, denying them water, or leading them into wastelands and traps. Finally her riders fell upon Lo Bu's own army and slaughtered it, the young emperor included. When Lo Bu's severed head was presented to her, Zhea commanded that the flesh be stripped from the bone and the skull dipped in gold and made into a drinking cup. Since that day, every jhattar has drunk fermented zorse milk from the gilded skull of Lo Bu, who is remembered as the Boy Too Bold By Half.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Lo Bu may be a reference to Lu Bu, George R. R. Martin's favorite character in the game adaption of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.[2]


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