Moon Brothers

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Moon Brother harriers © FFG

The Moon Brothers are one of the Vale mountain clans of the Mountains of the Moon. They have close ties with the Black Ears.

Recent events

A Game of Thrones

Lharys claims it was either members of the Milk Snakes or the Moon Brothers that were the first to descend upon Catelyn Stark's party in the Mountains of the Moon.[1]

The Moon Brothers are among the clans that join Tyrion Lannister on the promise of weapons and armor. The party with Tyrion is led by Ulf, the son of Umar.[2]

A Clash of Kings

In preparation for Stannis Baratheon's arrival before the gates of King's Landing, Tyrion sends the Black Ears and the Moon Brothers into the kingswood to harass and harry Stannis's army on its march to King's Landing before the Battle of the Blackwater.[3]