Pious dwarf

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Pious dwarf
Title Brother
Allegiance Faith of the Seven
Culture Westerosi
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (appears)

The pious dwarf is a holy brother and a member of the Sparrows. His given name is unknown.

Appearance & Character

The dwarf is not quite five feet tall and has a veined bulbous nose. His teeth are red from chewing sourleaf and he is dressed in the roughspun robes of a holy brother, with the iron hammer of the Smith dangling down about his thick neck. He is tonsured, as many holy brothers are. His speech is coarse but courteous.


The dwarf used to serve at a holy house near Maidenpool but northmen burned them out. They rebuilt as best they could but sellswords came, took their pigs, burned them out and killed the brothers. He managed to survive by squeezing in the hollow of a log, hiding until the sellswords left. Afterwards he buried his brothers, dug up a few coins the elder brother had hid and set off by himself. He went to Maidenpool thinking he might find a ship to take him to King's Landing. There he glimpsed a fool (Shagwell) down by the docks and then later at the Stinking Goose. He also overheard a man boasting that he fooled a fool and notices he had the gold to prove it.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

The pious dwarf makes Brienne of Tarth’s acquaintance in the common room of the Seven Swords in Duskendale. The room is crowded and there are no empty seats. The pious dwarf notices Brienne and offers her his seat at the end of a bench. Brienne accepts his offer and makes conversation with him. She tells him that she is looking for her sister. In reply to Brienne’s inquiry the dwarf tells her that knew of a fool at Maidenpool and overheard another man (Dick Crabb) boasting that he’d fooled a fool. Brienne buys him a bowl of hot crab stew. He notices Brienne looks sad and asks her if she is thinking of her sister. He tries to reassure her, telling Brienne:

The Crone will light your way for her, never fear. The Maiden will keep her safe. [1]

After finishing the stew he leaves, heading for King's Landing.[1]

Sometime after that three men present Cersei Lannister with a dwarf's head, grey-green and crawling with maggots. Cersei points out that he head has a bulbous nose, whereas Tyrion Lannister has no nose. One of the three men said that the dwarf told them he was a sparrow. The beheaded dwarf may be the same dwarf that Brienne encountered.[2]

References and Notes

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