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Unsullied.svgRed FleaUnsullied.svg
  • Black Rat
  • Brown Flea
  • Blue Toad/Blue Worm (possibly)
Race Ghiscari
Book A Storm of Swords (appears)

Red Flea is one of the daily-assigned names of an Unsullied purchased by Daenerys Targaryen. He has previously been known as Black Rat, Brown Flea, and possibly Blue Toad or Blue Worm.


Red Flea is a Ghiscari native. Daenerys thinks that he looks like he might be Kraznys mo Nakloz's taller fitter brother.[1]

Recent events

A Storm of Swords

While Daenerys looks at the available Unsullied for sale in Astapor, Kraznys mo Nakloz informs her that the Unsullied are not permitted names. To demonstrate, Kraznys turns to the tall Ghiscari and flicks his lash at the bronze disk he is carrying, which bears Ghiscari glyphs, requesting the Unsullied's name. He then asks for previous names each day past. He is uncertain about the name he bore three days ago. Kraznys informs Daenerys that all Unsullied names are such.[1]


Kraznys: What is your name?

Red Flea: This one's name is Red Flea, your worship.
Kraznys: And yesterday, what was it?
Red Flea: Black Rat, your worship.
Kraznys: The day before?
Red Flea: Brown Flea, your worship.
Kraznys: Before that?

Red Flea: This one does not recall, your worship. Blue Toad, perhaps. Or Blue Worm.[1]

Kraznys mo Nakloz and Red Flea


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