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Marc Fishman Smiler.jpg
Smiler is burned, by Marc Fishman

Owner Theon Greyjoy
Species Horse
Died In 299 ACWinterfell

Smiler is a warhorse purchased by Theon Greyjoy in Lordsport.


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Smiler is a stallion, smaller than a destrier, but larger than a courser.[1] He is black.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Sawane Botley sells him to Theon only if Theon takes his bastard nephew, Wex Pyke, as his squire. He names it Smiler because someone Theon once knew said he smiled at all the wrong things.[1] Theon brings Smiler to Winterfell with him when he captures it.[3]

During the sack of Winterfell, after coming to from having his cheekbone shattered by Ramsay Snow, the last thing Theon sees is Smiler, kicking free of the burning stables with his mane ablaze, screaming and rearing.[3] After emerging from the crypts of Winterfell, Osha sees arrows in Theon's fallen warhorse.[2]

A Dance with Dragons

In Moat Cailin, before killing Ralf Kenning, Theon remembers he once had a horse. He remembers that Smiler's screams had sounded almost human. His mane afire, he had reared up on his hind legs, blind with pain, lashing out with his hooves. Theon thinks to himself, "No, no. Not mine he was not mine. Reek never had a horse."[4]

Much later in Winterfell's yard Theon remembers the day that Ramsay had set his horse afire, recalling again the manner of Smiler's death, and noting that the horse burning was the last sight he had seen on the day the castle fell.[5]