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Stannis's army count

I've changed the army count of northmen back to 3,600 men, as it provides a higher accuracy. We know the total amount of men Stannis has (~5,000) and the amount of those 5.000 who have come from the south (~1,400). We know what groups the remainder of the ~3,600 are made up from, but not the exact amount of men that each of these two groups (northern soldiers and mountain clansmen) contribute. We have an estimation of the range of contribution of the clansmen (two to three thousand), from which can make an estimation of the contribution of the remaining group. But giving the total (3,600) is much more accurate than saying that the clansmen contributed ~2,500 and the soldiers ~1,100 (as the mountain clansmen could have been as much as 3000 men, and as little as 2000, whereas the other soldiers could have contributed as few as 600 and as many as 1600). The note makes it clear between which ranges the two groups are in their contribution, so that should be enough. To make the info as complete as can be, I've added (soldiers and mountain clansmen) behind the total number of men, to make it clear the number comprises two groups. --Rhaenys Targaryen (talk) 18:32, 2 September 2017 (UTC)