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With Bowen Marsh taking most of the Castle Black garrison to deal with mance diversions, Only forty or so brother are left in Castle Black, mostly the old and greenboys of whom too many not in fighting shape, commanded by the old and feeble-minded Ser Wynton Stout, who has been a ranger for eighty years.


  • Donal Noye, Castle Black's blacksmith and de facto commander. Jon Snow, wounded.
  • Pyp, Grenn, Satin, Mully, Kegs Spare Boot, Red Alyn, Hairy Hal, and Spotted Pate.
  • Sky Blue Su, Meliana, Zei (Three whores from Mole's Town) + three orphan boys.
  • steward: Owen the Oaf, Hobb, Hareth(Stableboy), Clydas(?).
  • Died: Dick Follard, Young Henly, Old Henly, Rast, Easy, and Dornish Dilly.
  • non combatant: Septon Cellador.

Wildlings: 200+ thenn in the suprise attack. about 40K people outside, so probably few thousand warriors.

Stannis: 1300-2500 man + few rangers from eastwatch ??

NW victorious, well this why it called fantasy ;)


“There’s no time. There are wildlings south of the Wall, coming up from Queenscrown to open the gate.” “How many?” Noye half-carried Jon out the door. “A hundred and twenty, and well armed for wildlings. Bronze armor, some bits of steel. How many men are left here?” “Forty odd,” said Donal Noye. “The crippled and infirm, and some green boys still in training.”

Attacking Thenn's are 120. Defenders before arrival of Slynt and Eastwatch reinforcements are ~40.

Stannis tells Davos that he has 1,300 men on Dragonstone. The Night's Watch had a 1,000 men before the Great Ranging, and lost 300 men there. Of the 700 left, 100 died at the Bridge of Skulls. Of the 600 left, ~40 are at Castle Black during the siege, including the 12 who returned from the Fist of the First Men. The Shadow Tower, the men who went with Marsh, and Eastwatch's combined strength is ~560 men, after the Battle of the Bridge of Skulls. Nyrhex 15:51, 10 November 2013 (UTC)


Has GRRM ever called this the "Battle of Castle Black"? ADWD uses "battle beneath the Wall" twice:

  • "They had free folk drifting in most every night, starved half-frozen creatures who had run from the battle beneath the Wall only to crawl back when they realized there was no safe place to run to." (Jon I)
  • "And Leathers, Castle Black's new master-at-arms, to show the free folk that even a man who had fought for Mance in the battle beneath the Wall could find a place of honor in the Night's Watch." (Jon XII) Nittanian (talk) 14:05, 21 May 2015 (CDT)

"Assault on the Wall" could be a good title as well, with "battle beneath the Wall" used within the article to describe Stannis's portion of the battle.

  • "The King-beyond-the-Wall had so many men that he could throw fresh attackers at them every time, but the same handful of black brothers had to meet every assault, and it had worn them ragged." (ASOS Jon XI)
  • "This Tormund Thunderfist is likely re-forming them even now, and planning some new assault." (ASOS Jon XI)
  • "Some had talked of returning to the homes they'd abandoned, others of mounting a second assault upon the gate, but most were lost, with no notion of where to go or what to do." (ADWD Prologue)
  • "Soon or late, however, Tormund Giantsbane would assault the Wall again, and when that hour came Jon wondered whose side Stannis's new-made subjects would choose." (ADWD Jon III) Nittanian (talk) 11:48, 17 July 2015 (CDT)

Tormund explains that "Dormund was cut down in the battle for the Wall". (ADWD Jon XI) Nittanian (talk) 16:38, 13 July 2016 (UTC)