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"Battle of Winterfell" is an inaccurate title, IMO, since I haven't found GRRM describing it as such. Theon uses stealth to capture Winterfell and only Alebelly is killed. In ASOS Jojen tells Meera "There was a battle at Winterfell, we saw the dead" and in ADWD Stannis writes "survivors from the battle outside the gates of Winterfell", both of which refer to events currently in "Sack of Winterfell". That article could instead be split into "Battle of Winterfell" (Ramsay betrays Rodrik outside Winterfell) and "Sack of Winterfell" (after the battle, Ramsay betrays Theon within Winterfell and burns the castle).

Possible alternatives for Theon's stealth action include:

  • "Capture of Winterfell" (Theon tells Asha, "With thirty men, I captured Winterfell in a night")
  • "Taking of Winterfell" (Theon tells Bran, "But I've taken your castle, my prince"; Theon thinks to himself, "You took Winterfell with fewer than thirty men, a feat to sing of"; Cat tells Brienne, "[Rodrik] has gathered what power he could and is marching on Winterfell, to take the castle back")
  • "Fall of Winterfell" (Tyrion thinks, "The news of the castle's fall had come as a wrenching shock")

Thoughts? Nittanian 15:06, 3 September 2014 (UTC)