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Dywen is described as being a forester (Jon VII, GOT), in that same chapter Jeor Mormont says ""I will have these woods searched," Mormont commanded Ser Jaremy as they set o ut. "Every tree, every rock, every bush, and every foot of muddy ground within ten leagues of here. Use all the men you have, and if you do not have enough, borrow hunters and foresters from the stewards If Ben and the others are out here, dead or alive, I will have them found. And if there is anyone else in t hese woods, I will know of it. You are to track them and take them, alive if p ossible. Is that understood?""

The bold text is evidence that forester's are part of the stewards, and thus Dywen is a steward not a ranger as mentioned on his page.

Is it possible that both the rangers and the stewards have foresters?

Dywen and Hake returned last night,” the Old Bear said. “They found no sign of your uncle, no more than the others did.” “I know.” Jon had dragged himself to the common hall to sup with his friends, and the failure of the rangers’ search had been all the men had been talking of.

The appendixes of A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons also identifies Dywen as a ranger. Also from Dance:

Most rangers echoed Dywen, whilst the stewards and builders inclined toward Bowen Marsh.


“Dywen will be with you, and another seasoned ranger.” “We’ll learn you what you need t’ know, ser,” Dywen told Thorne, cackling. “Teach you how t’ wipe your highborn arse with leaves, just like a proper ranger.

So Dywen does seem to be a ranger. He's constantly called a forester and associated with rangers, identified as such, but is never associated with the stewards.--Rhaenys_Targaryen 21:51, 2 March 2015 (UTC)