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Hello. I created this page after a suggestion from a thread on the wiki forum. It may or may not be considered notable enough, but I think it is and definitely worth discussing. I refer to the wedding by its fan name in a similar way to the article for the UnKiss, a much less notable happening in my opinion. Right now I'm a little strapped for time so I haven't added the content/summary just yet, but the information comes mostly from Chapter 60: Tyrion VII in A Storm of Swords, which I've linked. I also want to use more Tyrion chapters, Sansa's chapters that deal with Olenna and Littlefinger as references for the background and plot. LordStoneheart

orlenna tyrell

that orlenna tyrell was an orchestrator is only said by littlefinger, after sansa dropped her name, and we have no other sources so far, i would ad a "presumably" Euron Lannister (talk) 21:56, 16 April 2018 (UTC)