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This template is part of a group of templates that link image files to specific houses, persons, and organizations.



  • {{coa}} shows the symbol only and links to the shown entity. {{coa|Targaryen}}House Targaryen.svg
  • {{coa-link}} shows the symbol and text, and it links to the shown entity. {{coa-link|Targaryen}}House Targaryen.svg House Targaryen
  • {{coa-file}} shows the file name of the image only. {{coa-file|Targaryen}} → House Targaryen.svg

Symbol (Parameter 1)

The first parameter is the entity whose symbol should be shown.

A good amount of flexibility is afforded the user. For example, Targaryen, House Targaryen, targaryen, House Targaryen.svg, housetargaryen, and more all lead to the same result.

Code Result
{{coa-link|Targaryen}} House Targaryen.svg House Targaryen
{{coa-link|Wyl}} Wyl.png House Wyl
{{coa-link|Longwaters}} None.svg House Longwaters
{{coa-link|Brook}} None (Dorne).svg House Brook
{{coa|Targaryen}} House Targaryen.svg
{{coa|Wyl}} Wyl.png
{{coa|Brook}} None (Dorne).svg
{{coa|Longwaters}} None.svg
{{coa-file|Targaryen}} House Targaryen.svg
{{coa-file|Wyl}} Wyl.png
{{coa-file|Longwaters}} None.svg
{{coa-file|Brook}} None (Dorne).svg

Size (Parameter 2)

The second parameter represents the size. The following values are accepted:

  • For use in text: {{coa|Targaryen|xs}}House Targaryen.svg
  • For minor elements in lists: {{coa|Targaryen|s}}House Targaryen.svg
  • For major elements in lists: {{coa|Targaryen|m}}House Targaryen.svg
  • {{coa|Targaryen|l}}House Targaryen.svg
  • {{coa|Targaryen|xl}}House Targaryen.svg

Other parameters (not recommended)

There are other parameters for use cases that are not included above. It is recommended NOT to use these parameters.

Updating the COAs

In order to update the image for an entity, or to add a new entity, one must edit Module:Coa/data.

Every entry in the module consists of the following:

  • Main key
    • Must only contain lowercase letters and optionally numbers
    • Must not contain whitespace characters
    • Must not start with "House"
    • Must not contain the words "of" and "the"
    • Must represent the house/person/entity uniquely
  • file: The image file
    • When missing, defaults to None.svg
  • page: The article name. Mandatory
  • name: The name to be displayed. Only necessary if different from article

List of keys

For a list of all accepted keys, see Template:Coa/list.

For a list of all keys pointing to PNG images, see Template:Coa/pnglist.