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This template is used to create footnotes as an alternative and complement to the {{ref}} tag and <ref group="N"> tag.

The primary purpose of this template is to permitting nesting of references, necessary when providing a reference within a footnote.

Because of a technical limitation, some of the standard markup elements that are often used in the article prose do not work within a set of {{ref}} tags, including but not limited to the pipe trick, template substitution, and another "nested" set of {{ref}} tags.


{{refn|group="groupname"|name="name"|Contents of the footnote, including <ref> tags if needed|allowlinebreak=yes}}
  • groupname: Usually "N", to place the footnote within the Notes section of the page. If not specified, then the main and nested references will be rendered into the same reference list.
  • name: Reference name


If the reference or note content is missing, a Cite error will be generated.

Currently, this template may not be used more than once within list-defined references. Doing so will result in Cite errors.

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