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Allegiance House Greyjoy (forcibly)
Culture Westermen
Born Fair Isle
Died In 133 AC, the Sunset sea off the coast of Faircastle[1]
Spouse Lord Dalton Greyjoy (as a salt wife)

Tess was a woman of Fair Isle who became a salt wife to Lord Dalton Greyjoy and murdered him.[2][1]


Following the end of the Dance of the Dragons, Dalton Greyjoy kept raiding the western coast of Westeros, based at Faircastle.[1]

Tess was a woman of humble birth, taken as one of his twenty-two salt wives. Accounts differ as to what is known of her; whether she was thirteen or thirty, pretty or plain, virgin or widow, where Lord Greyjoy found her, how long she had been a salt wife, whether she was mad with jealousy or despised him for his reaving and raping.[1]

All that is known for certain is that she cut his throat open from ear to ear with his own dagger after he had his pleasure with her, then threw herself naked and bloody into the sea below in 133 AC.[1]


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