The Liddle

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House Liddle.svgThe LiddleHouse Liddle.svg
Allegiance House Liddle
Culture Northern mountain clans
Book A Storm of Swords (appears)

The Liddle is a traveler in the northern mountains whom Bran Stark presumes is a member of House Liddle.[1] His name is unknown.

Appearance and Character

The Liddle is generous with food and shelter. His squirrelskin cloak is clasped with gold and bronze in the shape of a pinecone, and he carries a knife and green and white cloth.[1]


The man learned the phrase "dark wings, dark words" from his mother, who died nine years ago.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

While Bran Stark, Hodor, and Meera and Jojen Reed are traveling through the northern mountains toward the Wall, the unnamed traveler invites them to share a shallow cave near a sentinel tree to avoid freezing rain. He does not ask their names or gives his. Because of the man's pinecone-shaped clasp, however, Bran assumes he is a Liddle. The man offers oatcakes, blood sausage, and ale to Bran's party. He informs them that ironborn are in the wolfswood, and he looks at Bran and Summer after warning that the Bastard's boys are hunting along the kingsroad. He also mentions the great ranging into the haunted forest by the Night's Watch.[1]

The Liddle departs before Bran and his companions wake in the morning, but he leaves them a sausage and twelve oatcakes containing pinenuts or blackberries. Bran has one of each and greatly enjoys the food.[1]


Come in and warm yourselves. There's stone enough to keep the rain off all our heads.[1]

—The Liddle to Bran Stark's party

Liddle: It was different when there was a Stark in Winterfell. But the old wolf's dead and young one's gone south to play the game of thrones, and all that's left us is the ghosts.

Jojen: The wolves will come again.
Liddle: And how would you be knowing, boy?
Jojen: I dreamed it.
Liddle: Some nights I dream of me mother that I buried nine years past, but when I wake, she's not come back to us.

Jojen: There are dreams and dreams, my lord.[1]

—The Liddle and Jojen Reed

Behind the Scenes

According to a semi-canon source, George R. R. Martin has confirmed the man is a Liddle.[2]