Wyl of Wyl

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Wyl of Wyl
Alias The Widow-lover
  • Lord of Wyl
  • The Wyl of Wyl
Allegiance House Wyl
Culture Dornishmen
Died In 27 AC[1]
Issue Walter Wyl

Wyl of Wyl, also known as The Wyl of Wyl or the Widow-lover, was the Lord of Wyl and head of House Wyl during the First Dornish War. He had at least one son, Walter Wyl.[1][2][3]


In the First Dornish War, Lord Wyl ambushed the forces of Lord Orys Baratheon as they tried to assault the Boneway. The cunning Dornishmen launched a night raid, raining rocks, arrows and spears from above. In the end, the Boneway was blocked both before and behind, and Orys was captured by the Wyl of Wyl.[2]

Orys remained the Wyl's captive for years, until the Targaryens ransomed him and his men back in 7 AC for each man's weight in gold. When the captives were freed, however, the Wyl had their sword hands chopped off so they could not be used again against Dorne. It is said that, after the release of Orys and the other lords, the war entered a new stage, as King Aegon I Targaryen was by now intent on revenge.[2]

According to Maester Yandel, the Wyl of Wyl committed infamous deeds which are still remembered in Fawnton and Old Oak.[2] According to Archmaester Gyldayn, the Wyl of Wyl turned up uninvited to the wedding of Ser Jon Cafferen, the heir to Fawnton, and Alys Oakheart, the daughter of Lord Oakheart, in 12 AC. He murdered Lord Oakheart and most of the guests, forcing Alys to watch as Jon was castrated. Alys and her handmaids were then raped by the Wyl and his men and sold off to a Myrish slaver. Gyldayn calls this "the most infamous act" of the First Dornish War.[1]

Lord Walter Wyl, the son of the Widow-lover, led a host for the Vulture King in 37 AC during the Second Dornish War. After defeating the Dornishmen at Stonehelm, Orys Baratheon chopped off Walter's hands and feet as vengeance for his father's behavior years earlier.[4]


Your father took my hand. I claim yours as repayment.[4]


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Unknown Lord of Wyl
?–27 AC
Next known title holder:
Walter Wyl