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This page gives an overview of all the categories used in this wiki and of their respective relations. If you're adding pages or images to the wiki, you often need to assign them a category, and it would be really nice if you take this overview into account :) for additional information on Categories see Help:Categories.


Subcategories of Main: Used for:
Content Content overall category, Includes all Content pages.
Editing Resources Editing Resources, Help Pages and Maintenance
Images Images overall category.
Users User Listing.
Portal Main page, Portal and related Pages.


Subcategories of Content: Used for:
Characters Lists all the known Characters in the universe.
Culture Cultural aspects of SoIaF World
History Historic events and overview.
Houses All houses.
Geography The lay of the lands
Products The lay of the lands


Subcategories of Characters: Used for:


Subcategories of Culture: Used for:


Subcategories of History: Used for:


Subcategories of Houses: Used for:


Subcategories of Geography: Used for:

Editing Resources

Subcategories of Editing Resources: Used for:
Articles requested for deletion
Articles that are Stubs
Articles that need Cleanup
Articles to be updated


Subcategories of Images: Used for:
Character Images
Coat of arms images
Images By Artist
TV Adaptation Images
Cover Images
User Page Images