Blood of Dragons

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Blood of Dragons
Publisher(s) Elio M. García and Linda Antonsson
Language English
Genre(s) MUSH
Players Multiplayer

Blood of Dragons is an online text-based roleplaying game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy book series. It began just after the Conquest of Dorne, and has progressed in real-time to the reign of King Aegon IV Targaryen, approximately 130 years prior to the events described in the Song of Ice and Fire series and 40 years prior to the Dunk and Egg series. Gameplay takes place in King's Landing and in Sunspear. Blood of Dragons has been approved by author George R. R. Martin.

Gameplay and mechanics

Blood of Dragons comprises of the court politics of King's Landing and Sunspear. Possible player characters stem from noble family trees created by García and Antonsson (known in-game as Balerion and Nymeria, respectively). While characters such as Lord Cregan Stark and Prince Aemon Targaryen are alive and well, only non-canon characters may be played. Members of almost any house excepting Targaryen and Stark are available, including pre-generated characters, and non-generated characters that players have the possibility of writing a backstory and personality for. Currently, there are over 2800 characters in the game's database. After playing the game for three months, a player has the possibility of playing an alt in the game's other playable region.

While the game follows the canon timeframe and will include events that happen in canon under the Targaryen kings, player-driven plots also occur. For example, in the game's history, a Saan pirate has attacked Stonedance, and the Iron Throne has warred with Pentos over the Stepstones. Roleplay consists of scenes, where players emit paragraphs of their character's actions to facilitate stories and relationships. Scenes can be as small and casual as chit-chat in the solar, or as heavy as long combat scenes between many knights and brigands.

Behind the Scenes

The Stormbreaker is a homage to a character from Blood of Dragons. Benjamin Swierczek was a member of staff who played Ser Sarmion Baratheon, known as the Stormbreaker, and was a friend of García and Antonsson for over twenty years. He passed away on May 13, 2016.

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