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A burning septry is the setting for a battle between the brotherhood without banners and the Brave Companions.[1] It is probably located in the western riverlands.[N 1]


Forty-four brothers live at the prosperous septry beneath a wooded ridge. They tend to a dozen milk cows and a bull, a hundred beehives, a vineyard, an apple arbor, a mill, a brewhouse, and stables. The septry has wooden walls and a heavy slate roof.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

The septry is sacked during the War of the Five Kings by Lannisters, who take wine and honey, slaughter the cows, and torch the vineyard. The septry is then visited by other armed bands. Thinking that the Elder Brother has hidden gold, a monstrous attacker has his men kill the brothers one by one. By the time the brotherhood without banners defeat the latest invaders, the Brave Companions, in the battle at the burning septry, only eight brothers remain alive. Because the septry is set afire and collapses beneath the weight of its roof, the brotherhood shelters in the brewhouse, where the contemplative brothers had hidden food.[1]


  1. Arya Stark accompanies the brotherhood during visits to Stoney Sept, Acorn Hall, and High Heart, all in the western riverlands.