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None.svgErik Ironmaker
the Just
Erik Ironmaker TheMico.jpg

  • Erik the Just[1]
  • Erik Anvil-Breaker[1]
Culture Ironborn
Born In 211 AC or 212 AC[2]
Spouse Asha Greyjoy

Erik Ironmaker, known as Erik the Just and Erik Anvil-Breaker, is an ironborn raider and the head of House Ironmaker.[1]


Erik is eighty-eight years old and weighs around twenty stone. He has white hair, and his long, massive beard is white too. Erik has to be carried about in a chair.[1]

Erik's weapon of choice is a monstrous hammer.[1]


In his youth, Erik was a fearsome reaver who sailed with Lord Dagon Greyjoy.[3]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Erik puts himself forth at the kingsmoot, where his champions are his grandsons, Urek, Thormor, and Dagon. He speaks of his many battles, and of justice meted out by smashing thieves' hands with his hammer, and equates his age with wisdom and size with strength. His gifts are of silver, bronze, and steel. His speech gathers some support. However, Asha Greyjoy demands that he stand up, which he cannot do. After that, his support crumbles and his claim is soon dismissed. Later, after Euron Greyjoy's speech, Aeron Greyjoy sees him shouting his support for Euron.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

It is revealed that Euron arranged a marriage with Erik and his niece Asha Greyjoy. Since Asha fled Old Wyk, a seal was used to stand in her place for the ceremony.[3] In Euron's absence while at war, Erik is currently ruling as Lord Steward of the Iron Islands and castellan of Pyke.[4] Asha has no desire to return to her new husband.[3] After she is captured by Stannis Baratheon, Asha does not believe Erik could afford to ransom her.[5]

Quotes by Erik

I am Erik Ironmaker, for them who's blind. Erik the Just. Erik Anvil-Breaker. Show them my hammer, Thormor. I can't count how many hands I've smashed to pulp with that hammer, but might be some thief could tell you. I can't say how many heads I've crushed against my anvil neither, but there's some widows could. I could tell you all the deeds I've done in battle, but I'm eight-and-eighty and won't live long enough to finish. If old is wise, no one is wiser than me. If big is strong, no one's stronger. You want a king with heirs? I've more'n I can count. King Erik, aye, I like the sound o' that. Come, say it with me. ERIK! ERIK ANVIL-BREAKER! ERIK KING![1]

—Erik to the kingsmoot

Quotes about Erik

Asha: You've despoiled me, you beardless boy. My lord husband will cut your balls off and put you in a dress.
Qarl: If he can get out of his chair.[3]

I hope Erik did not insist on a consummation.[3]

Asha Greyjoy, to Tristifer Botley, after hearing about her seal stand-in at her wedding to Erik




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