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George Graceford
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Culture Reach
Lover Clarice Osgrey (rumored)[2]

George Graceford was the Lord of Holyhall and the head of House Graceford during the Dance of the Dragons. He was later named Lord Confessor during the regency of King Aegon III Targaryen.


According to Mushroom, George was cruel but not clever.[2]


During the Dance of the Dragons, George was a member of the Caltrops, thirteen nobles who plotted to kill the disrespectful Two Betrayers.[1]

When Lord Unwin Peake came to power as Hand of the King, Lord Graceford and Ser Victor Risley were the only other members of the Caltrops still living. As a supporter of Lord Peake, George was installed as Lord Confessor.[1] According to Mushroom, Lord Graceford and Clarice Osgrey were lovers. He claims she was aroused by torture, and sometimes joined the Lord Confessor in the dungeons to assist him with his work.[2]

After an attempted poisoning of Queen Daenaera Velaryon, a dozen cooks, bakers, scullions, and serving girls were delivered to the custody of the Lord Confessor. Seven confessed to having plotted to poison the boy king Aegon III Targaryen, but each account differed as to the poisoned dish and the source of the poison, and thus Lord Thaddeus Rowan dismissed these confessions.[2]

Amid the Lysene Spring in 135 AC, Lord Rowan was tortured by George for plotting to kill the king. When a bruised Thaddeus was brought before the court, he did not answer unless Lord Graceford pricked him with a dagger. However, King Aegon III questioned Lord Rowan, making him confess that Aegon himself was part of the plot, and that Lord Rowan had killed King Viserys I Targaryen. George was greatly displeased that Rowan's confession was proven unreliable by the king. The king then ordered the Lord Confessor to be seized, as he had committed treason by forcing a false confession from the Hand.[2]

At the mere sight of instruments of torture, Lord Graceford revealed the conspirators, including many other supporters of Lord Peake. Tessario the Tiger implicated Lord Graceford under his own torture. George's trial was one of three of the conspirators that the king attended. George choose to take the black, rather than be executed. Maester Rowley replaced him as Lord Confessor in 136 AC.[2]


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Unknown Lord of Holyhall
?–136 AC
Title next held by
Alyce Graceford
Preceded by Lord Confessor
133135 AC
Served under: Aegon III Targaryen
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