Gregor Goode

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Gregor Goode
Title(s) Ser
Allegiance House Goode
Culture(s) Westerosi
Died In 1048 AC
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)
Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Ser Gregor Goode was a knight from House Goode during the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen He had a brother, Ser Griffith Goode.


Gregor is remembered for being quick, strong, observant, and famed for his prowess with sword and shield. He was devoted to his king.[1]


Gregor was chosen by Queen Visenya Targaryen, alongside his brother Ser Griffith, to be one of the first sworn brothers of the Kingsguard when the order was founded in 10 AC by King Aegon I Targaryen.[2][1]


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