Hag's Mire

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Hag's Mire is a village in the northern riverlands[1] and the seat of House Nayland.[2] If one intends to go around the Blue Fork, one must pass through Sevenstreams and Hag's Mire, which is considered full of bogs and bad roads. Hag's Mire is full of green pools and soft ground.[1]


Ser Lucas Nayland rode from Hag's Mire to attend the wedding tourney at Whitewalls.[2]

Chett grew up in Hag's Mire helping his father collect leeches. Chett fled the village after killing Bessa, but he was apprehended near Sevenstreams.[3]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

With the fords of the Blue Fork overflowing and the bridges at Fairmarket and Oldstones washed away, King Robb Stark's thirty-five hundred men are forced to ride through Hag's Mire and Sevenstreams on their way from Riverrun to the Twins. While the host is encamped at Hag's Mire, Robb explains his plan to retake Moat Cailin from the ironborn to Catelyn and Edmure Tully, Jason Mallister, Greatjon Umber, Galbart Glover, and Maege Mormont. The attendees are also witnesses to Robb's will.[1]

A Feast for Crows

Black Walder Frey leads a group of men and dogs into the mire chasing after a band of outlaws who may have had some involvement in the hangings of Merrett and Petyr Frey.[4]

Chapters that take place at Hag's Mire


If he never saw Hag's Mire again, it would be too bloody soon.[3]

—thoughts of Chett