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Culture Free folk
Book A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Haggon was a free folk skinchanger. He was known as a friend of the Night's Watch, trading with them and bringing news of life beyond the Wall. He was a mentor of Varamyr Sixskins. He was tall, grim, had hard hands and a rough voice.[1]


Haggon instructed Varamyr Sixskins in the ways of the forest and skinchanging, after Varamyr's ability manifested itself and his father abandoned him to his own kind. Haggon raised Varamyr, teaching him the differences between the animals and which were better and how to survive. He insisted that using the warg ability to manipulate another person was an "abomination". Varamyr never had much respect for such traditions and resented Haggon's rules. When Haggon lay dying, Varamyr repaid him by killing him and then forcing him out of his wolf, Greyskin, denying him his second life.[1]