Hareth (Mole's Town)

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Night's Watch.svgHarethNight's Watch.svg
Hareth by SquisherKing ©

Alias Horse[1]
Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Northmen

Hareth, nicknamed Horse, is a stablehand in Mole's Town.[1]


Hareth is big, blond, and has buck teeth.[1]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

When wildlings attack Mole's Town and Castle Black, Hareth is one of the moles who flee to the Wall. He helps defend Castle Black,[1] and he shouts a warning about the approach of a wildling turtle.[2]

Horse declares his interest in joining the Night's Watch,[1] and he is trained by Jon Snow due to the loss of Ser Endrew Tarth as master-at-arms at Castle Black.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

Horse is trained by Iron Emmett after his appointment as master-at-arms at Castle Black. Jon, the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, spies Horse training in the yard against Hop-Robin, whom he easily defeats. Jon compliments Horse's skill, but advises him that he lowers his shield too far when pressing the attack. Horse thanks the Lord Commander for his advice as he helps Hop-Robin back to his feet.[4]

Horse is one of the men brought along as muscle to assist Jon in enforcing Janos Slynt's orders to garrison Greyguard.[5]

Horse and five other recruits—Leathers, Jax, Satin, Arron, and Emrick—travel to the weirwood grove just north of the Wall in the haunted forest to say their vows. They are escorted by Jon and ten rangers. Jon, Iron Emmett, and Bowen Marsh weigh each recruit and assign them to an order. Horse is assigned to the builders.[6]

Horse and Rory guard Jon when he goes to the Shieldhall after receiving a letter from Ramsay Bolton. When they hear a roar after departing the hall, Horse says it came from Hardin's Tower.[7]


Everyone called him Horse. He had been a stablehand in Mole's Town, one of the few moles who had stayed at Castle Black. The rest had run back to their fields and hovels, or their beds in the underground brothel. Horse wanted to take the black, though, the great buck-toothed fool.[1]

—thoughts of Jon Snow