Jeremy Hightower

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Jeremy Hightower
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Title(s) Beacon of the South
Defender of Oldtown
Defender of the Citadel
Lord of Oldtown
Lord of the Hightower
Lord of the Port
Voice of Oldtown
Allegiance House Hightower
Successor Jason Hightower
Culture(s) Reach
Spouse(s) Unknown
Issue Jason Hightower
Book(s) The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Jeremy Hightower was a head of House Hightower and Lord of the Hightower. He fostered trade and built ever more ships to protect it, doubling Oldtown's wealth. He was succeeded by his son Jason.[1]


Highgarden defends our backs, so we are free to gaze outward, to the sea and the lands beyond.[1]


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