Lord of Tumbleton

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Lord of Tumbleton[1] is a title held by the ruler of Tumbleton in the Reach.[2]

The Reach and the location of Tumbleton
The Reach and the location of Tumbleton


During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Footly declared for the blacks and hosted them in Tumbleton until the town was betrayed in the First Battle of Tumbleton.[1] Ser Jon Roxton claimed Lord Footly's wife, Lady Sharis, as a "prize of war." When her lord husband protested, Bold Jon cut him nigh in two with Orphan-Maker.[1]

Lord Footly was succeeded by his posthumous son, born six months after the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Though claimed by Lady Sharis as her late lord husband's trueborn heir, it was far more likely that he had been fathered by Bold Jon.[3]

Known Lords of Tumbleton


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