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Maron Nymeros Martell
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Allegiance House Martell
Culture Dornishmen
Born In or after 147 AC[1]
Father Prince Martell
Spouse Princess Daenerys Targaryen
  • Son
  • Other children

Maron Nymeros Martell was the ruling Prince of Dorne and head of House Martell during the reign of King Daeron II Targaryen


Maron's father, the Prince of Dorne, signed the marriage treaty which brought peace to Dorne after four years of war. In the treaty, which he made with King Baelor I Targaryen, he agreed to marry his daughter and eldest child, Princess Myriah to Prince Daeron Targaryen, the grandson of Prince Viserys Targaryen, Baelor's uncle and Hand.[2] By 174 AC, Maron had succeeded his father as Prince of Dorne.[3]

Aegon the Unworthy was notoriously corrupt and showed ambitions of war and conquest towards Dorne. His son and heir, Prince Daeron, opposed him and spoke out against his father's misrule with the backing of his allies, Prince Maron chief among them.[3]

Daeron and Myriah's marriage as well as Maron's support towards Daeron, opened the door for Prince Maron to accept a marriage proposal between himself and Prince Daeron's (by then, King Daeron II) sister, Princess Daenerys Targaryen. This marriage formally made Dorne part of the Seven Kingdoms.[4][2][5] The marriage took place in 187 AC at King's Landing, and afterwards, when he had kneeled before the Iron Throne, Prince Maron and King Daeron II went to pay their respects to the statue of the late King Baelor the Blessed at the Great Sept. To celebrate the wedding, a tourney was held in the capital won by Maron's nephew, Prince Baelor Breakspear.[5] Maron had the Water Gardens built three leagues to the west of Sunspear for his new wife.[4][6]

Together with Daenerys, Maron had multiple children.[5] His eldest child, a son, presumably succeeded him as ruling Prince of Dorne.[7]


of Dorne
Daeron II
of Dorne


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