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Marsh King was the title of the ruler of the crannogmen in the Neck thousands of years before the War of Conquest.

According to Archmaester Eyron, the Marsh King was a "first among equals", often thought to be touched by the old gods. Songs claim the Marsh Kings rode lizard-lions and wielded frog spears.[1] Marsh Kings held Moat Cailin against southron invaders, sometimes with the assistances of the Barrow Kings, Red Kings, or Kings of Winter.[2]

Thousands of years ago,[3] Rickard Stark, the King in the North, killed the last of the Marsh Kings and married his daughter, thus annexing the Neck to the realm of Winterfell.[4] The Neck has since been ruled by House Reed of Greywater Watch;[3] it is unknown if they have a connection with the ancient Marsh Kings.


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