Myrmadora Haen

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Myrmadora Haen 02.png
Myrmadora Haen at the Maiden's Day Ball

Allegiance House Haen
Culture Lyseni
Born In 103133 AC[1]
Died In 135 ACLys
Father Torreo Haen
Book Fire & Blood (mentioned)

Myrmadora Haen was a Lyseni noblewoman of House Haen, a possible marriage candidate for King Aegon III Targaryen.[2]


Myrmadora was the daughter of Torreo Haen, a Lyseni magister. She attended the Maiden's Day Ball wearing a gown of translucent blue-green silk that matched her eyes, with only a jeweled girdle underneath. The dress shocked others, but the Kingsguard barred her from King Aegon III's throne room until she changed clothes.[2]

In 135 AC, Myrmadora was poisoned along with her mother, sister(s), father, her father's siblings, and her father's supporters at the feast he held to celebrate his becoming First Magister of Lys.[3]




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