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Qarl Corbray
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Culture Valemen
Died In 59 ACKing's Landing[1]

Qarl Corbray was the Lord of Heart's Home and the head of House Corbray during the reign of the kings Maegor I and Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Jaehaerys made him the Commander of the City Watch of King's Landing at the beginning of his reign.[2]


Qarl wielded the ancestral Valyrian steel longsword of his house, Lady Forlorn.[3]


Maegor the Cruel

Lord Qarl joined the host of Prince Aegon the Uncrowned at Pinkmaiden Castle in 43 AC, rallying to his cause against King Maegor I Targaryen.[3][4]

The host marched towards King's Landing, but was intercepted by Maegor I at the Gods Eye. During the subsequent Battle Beneath the Gods Eye, Prince Aegon's host was surrounded by several armies loyal to the king. Lord Corbray advised the young prince to attack each army separately before they could join their power, though Aegon was loath to divide his own strength. The battle turned into a rout and the prince was slain. The only notable casualty among Maegor's royalists was Ser Davos Darklyn of the Kingsguard, slain by Lord Corbray with Lady Forlorn.[3]

Half a year of trials and executions followed. Queen Visenya Targaryen persuaded her son to spare some of the rebellious lords, though they were stripped of some lands and titles and were forced to give up hostages.[3] Lord Qarl was among the survivors and lived through Maegor's reign.[2]

Reign of Jaehaerys I

After the death of King Maegor I, he was named Commander of the City Watch and was awarded a seat on King Jaehaerys I Targaryen's small council as part efforts to reconcile the enemies and supporters of his late uncle. The small council helped Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon and Lord Rogar Baratheon, the Hand of the King, rule in the name of the young king, who was still in his minority. Lord Qarl was one of the representatives of the Vale of Arryn at the Golden Wedding, alongside the Lords Arryn and Royce.[2]

When searching for a bride for the king, Queen Regent Alyssa considered a noblewoman from House Corbray, on account of Lord Qarl's support of the late Prince Aegon.[2] After the king wed his own sister, Princess Alysanne Targaryen, in private, Lord Rogar was deeply opposed and sought to cast down Jaehaerys and crown Princess Aerea. Lord Corbray refused to support him and declared that the City Watch would never stand for it. Grand Maester Benifer noted that Qarl feared Lord Baratheon's intentions would result in another conflict that would pit the Targaryens against each other, recalling the terrible sight of dragon against dragon at the Gods Eye. When Queen Alyssa dismissed Lord Baratheon from his office as Hand, Rogar refused and responded that no woman could dismiss him. In response, Qarl drew Lady Forlorn and laid it against the table facing Rogar, replying with a simple "Yes". Only then did Rogar concede. Qarl also hid Princess Aerea under the orders of the Queen Regent, thus keeping Ser Ronnal Baratheon from taking her to Storm's End with the departing household of Lord Rogar.[4]

After King Jaehaerys I reached the age of majority in 50 AC, Lord Corbray was retained as Commander of the City Watch.[5] After the death of the High Septon in 54 AC, Qarl and Lord Daemon Velaryon advocated for a show of force, with Lord Corbray offering to lead an army to prevent the elevation of Septon Mattheus to the office of High Septon, for Mattheus was a great opponent of the Targaryens.[6] When the dragon Balerion returned to the capital with the dying Princess Aerea, Lord Corbray was inspecting the East Barracks of the City Watch. When the king thought to name Septon Barth as his Hand, Qarl reminded Jaehaerys of the cleric's low birth, though the king shrugged this off.[7]

When the deadly winter plague known as the Shivers struck the realm in 59 AC, Qarl succumbed to the disease.[1]


Rogar: You think you can dismiss me? No. No.
Qarl: Yes.[4]

—Qarl intimidates Rogar Baratheon


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Last known title holder:
Qyle Corbray
as King of the Fingers
Lord of Heart's Home
?–59 AC
Next known title holder:
Leowyn Corbray
Unknown Commander of the City Watch of King's Landing
4859 AC
Served under: Jaehaerys I Targaryen
Succeeded by