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A Red Grace © FFG

The Red Graces are cult prostitutes housed in the Temple of the Graces.

There are little snuggeries in the pleasure gardens in Meereen, the Red Graces wait there every night until a man chooses them. Those who are not chosen must remain until the sun comes up.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Gerris Drinkwater suggests to Quentyn Martell that they go to the Temple of the Graces to find a girl for Quentyn, but he refuses.[1] Gerris feels that the septas of Westeros should emulate the Red Graces, pointing out that old septas always look like prunes, as a result of a boring life of chastity.[1]


They call them Graces. They come in different colours. The red ones are the only ones who fuck.[1]


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