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Shapechangers are, apparently, magic practitioners that can alter their forms. It is unclear if they physically change their shape or are synonymous with skinchangers, those who can enter the minds of animals and control them. For instance, people who encounter a wolf controlled by a warg might mistake that the wolf's human master actually transformed into a wolf.


Mossovy is said to be a land of shapechangers and demon hunters.[1]

Shapechangers are said to be welcomed in Asshai, where no practice is forbidden.[2]

In the stories of Old Nan to the Stark children, shapechangers are always evil.[3]


Jojen: Warg. Shapechanger. Beastling. That is what they will call you, if they should ever hear of your wolf dreams.

Bran: Who will call me?

Jojen: Your own folk. In fear. Some will hate you if they know what you are. Some will even try to kill you.[3]

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