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Notes section

I've rewritten the "Notes" section. I've renamed is "Behind the Scenes" for consistency, as that is the title for such sections on other pages. More importantly, I've deleted and rephrased some of the text, and I would like to explain why here. First of all, the text originally stated that "Lyn likes his "boys" young", but I was unable to find such a phrasing in the texts (canon and semi-canon). The only reference to his sexual preferences that I could find were "Ser Lyn is a man of simple tastes, my sweetling. All he likes is gold and boys and killing." (A Feast for Crows, Alayne I) and Myranda Royce's reference to "Alas, all I have is a plump pair of teats. Though with Ser Lyn, a plump sausage under my skirts would serve me better." (The Winds of Winter, Alayne I). Secondly, a comparison was drawn to King Robert I Baratheon, with the statement "much in the sense that Robert Baratheon could be said to like his "girls" young, but they were still prostitutes above the legal age of adulthood". The bolded part of the statement is incorrect, as is demonstrated in the first novel when Eddard Stark visits Barra's mother in Chataya's brothel. The girl in question, at least a year after having slept with Robert, is said to have been no older than fifteen ("She cannot be more than fifteen, and a whore, and you thought she had sense?" (A Game of Thrones, Eddard X), indicating she had been fourteen or younger when Robert bedded her. As a comparison to Robert is thus incorrect, and unnecessary to begin with, I've removed the entire comparison. --Rhaenys Targaryen (talk) 15:18, 14 July 2018 (UTC)